Let’s talk Love!

7th Apr 2021,


I do not even remember the last time someone asked me anything about Love. Be it a question, a suggestion, an advice, etc. Although it is such a beautiful Topic.


To me, Love is the “Thousand Petal Lotus“; just like we have on our Crown or Sahasara Chakra. This Lotus changes colours, shapes/size depending upon how you feel. Sometimes it is green, blue, red, orange, violet, brown, yellow, etc.

It is nurtured by Kindness, Compassion and the feelings (we get after giving). It is fertilized by Self Love, but not Selfish Love!

Anger, Hate, Jealousy, etc are the bugs that try to hurt it. The Insecticide/Pesticide for that is your lovely Smile.

Why choose Love?

Out of the infinite things, apps, videos, instagram reels, snapchats, whatsapps, texts, calls, notifications, etc; that we go through in our daily life. What is the thing that matters or made you feel good?

I bet it was a like here or there, a comment, an emoticon, a meme, a text and if you are lucky a call (from your friend or a loved one)!

What I am trying to say is,

  • Currently World works on one principle i.e. Milking Emotions,
  • We are the Emotional Cows,
  • We are fed emotions (mostly negative; Fear and Hate induced), through our Social and Digital Media,
  • We are then pinched or sometimes carressed to give out this emotionally charged milk,
  • This comes out in the form of various sorts of ways,
  • People put posts, videos, comments, etc,
  • Now-a-days, people even Troll others to relieve their negativity.

In short, we are always in an Over-Drive of Emotions. Jumping from one social media page to another and pumping (emotions in) and pumping (emotions out).

So, now when I suggest you to choose Love in this Emotional Era. Does it make sense?

How Love Helps?

There are few things that are coming to the top of my mind right now,

  • Out of all the energies (InfraRed, X-ray, UV-ray, Heat Energy, Electricity, Radio Wave, etc); Love is the best, purest and humblest to go forward with.
  • It can be used anywhere (Mix Love in anything you want).
  • It is available, everywhere (Once you start believing in Love, you will see it everywhere).
  • It is portable (resides in your heart).
  • Best of all, it is free (like all the good things in the world).
  • It is the Universal Language of Communication (you can talk to babies, animals, birds, etc via Love).
  • You can use it to transact. If you give out Love, you will receive Love (in multitude, Universal formula).

We all have experienced Love. Be it Father’s, Mother’s, Brother’s, Sister’s, Friend’s, Boy/Girl Friend’s, Dog’s, Cat’s, Pet’s, Plant’s, Bird’s, Butterflie’s, Bee’s, etc.

Do you remember it? That warm, fuzzy feeling, totally inexplicable and yet (powerful than anything)!

I know that Lovely feeling went away because you associated it with a person, being or a thing. It was coming from within you, not from that thing, being or person. Your Heart is your Love Furnace!

Time to Reignite

Now you are ready. Your body is the Vehicle you are given in this lifetime.

  • Your Belief is the Ignition,
  • Your Soul is the Fuel,
  • Your Smile is the Pedal.

Put your Foot Down, let your soul flow through your heart. Let it be filled with Love. Let the Fire burn!

Remember whenever in doubt, just floor the pedal (Give a Big-ass Smile) . Because with love, it’s More the Merrier!

BTW, I Love Nature. I Love You, ALL! 🙂

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